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joz's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Arabian Fight - Coin Op 6010 00:00 09-23-2010 2710 17:29:16 Unknown
Congo Bongo - ColecoVision 35920 00:00 06-09-2011 2452 01:51:49 Unknown
Danger Zone - Coin Op 44900 00:00 08-13-2010 2751 23:51:37 Unknown
Dream Soccer '94 - Coin Op 36170 00:00 06-15-2011 2445 23:45:47 Unknown
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara - Coin Op 302180 00:00 05-13-2011 2479 03:27:06 Unknown
Exciting Soccer 2 - Coin Op 29760 00:00 04-07-2011 2514 18:18:36 Unknown
Gaia Crusaders - Coin Op 983050 00:00 05-01-2011 2491 07:12:28 Unknown
Hot Mind - Coin Op 6 00:00 04-09-2010 2877 22:37:15 Unknown
Indoor Soccer - Coin Op 4 00:00 04-05-2011 2516 23:32:48 Unknown
Kabuki Z - Coin Op 2 00:00 07-25-2011 2406 06:10:48 Unknown
Kick Goal - Coin Op 6.09999990463 00:00 04-05-2011 2517 02:15:22 Unknown
Lost Castle In Darkmist - Coin Op 54210 00:00 01-22-2011 2590 03:30:51 Unknown
Mobile Suit Gundam - Coin Op 213400 00:00 04-13-2010 2874 06:27:43 Unknown
Pleasure Goal: 5 on 5 Mini Soccer - Coin Op 17 00:00 07-19-2011 2412 06:15:35 Unknown
Psycho Nics Oscar - Coin Op 66000 00:00 09-24-2012 1979 03:35:03 Unknown
Robot Bowl - Coin Op 258 00:00 12-16-2010 2626 18:11:48 Unknown
Sky Destroyer - Nintendo 45250 00:00 08-26-2011 2373 23:38:20 Unknown
Soccer Brawl - Coin Op 4 00:00 08-13-2010 2752 06:03:24 Unknown
Spider Man and Venom: Separation Anxiety - Genesis 343770 00:00 06-08-2011 2452 23:39:05 Unknown
Submarine Attack - Sega 29230 00:00 08-25-2011 2375 01:40:16 Unknown
Super Football Champ - Coin Op 2 00:00 04-07-2011 2515 04:44:59 Unknown
Syvalion - Coin Op 1143320 00:00 04-22-2010 2865 01:11:27 Unknown
Tecmo World Cup - Coin Op 5 00:00 07-22-2010 2773 18:28:07 Unknown
Trog - Nintendo 5412220 00:00 06-07-2011 2453 23:27:54 Unknown
Vamp 1/2 - Coin Op 21855 00:00 06-29-2010 2796 19:46:06 Unknown
World Cup Volley '95 - Coin Op 14200 00:00 04-07-2011 2515 04:56:37 Unknown
Player Details for joz
World Records: 0
Cleared: 31
1st Place: 25
2nd Place: 61
3rd Place: 91
Top Ten: 606
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 606
Total Scores: 2394
Games Played: 17494
Time Spent on Scores: 13 23:15:14
Leaderboard Points: 4478
View Profile: joz
joz's Cleared Games
Bonk's Adventure 3: Bonk's Big AdventureTurbo Grafx-16
Boot HillCoin Op
Captain CommandoSuper Nintendo
CheckmateCoin Op
Chrono TriggerSuper Nintendo
Donkey Kong JrNintendo
FiremenSuper Nintendo
King Of DragonsSuper Nintendo
Kirby's AdventureNintendo
Kirby's Dream LandGame Boy
Mega Man 2: Power FightersCoin Op
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The MovieGenesis
NBA JamCoin Op
NBA Jam Tournament EditionCoin Op
Off the Wall Coin Op
Ogre Battle: The March Of The Black QueenSuper Nintendo
RenegadeCoin Op
Secret Of EvermoreSuper Nintendo
Secret Of ManaSuper Nintendo
Shaq FuGame Boy
Shining Force: The Legacy of Great IntentionGenesis
Snezhnaya KorolevaCoin Op
Snow BrothersNintendo
Spider Man and Venom: Separation AnxietyGenesis
Super Dodge BallNintendo
Super Mario Bros 3Nintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles In TimeSuper Nintendo
Tehkan World CupCoin Op
Tetris The Soviet ChallengeNintendo
joz's Favorites
AlcahestSuper Nintendo
Armed Police BatriderCoin Op
Armored Dragon Legend VillgustSuper Nintendo
Bahamut LagoonSuper Nintendo
Battle GareggaCoin Op
Battle of OlympusNintendo
Blazing LazersTurbo Grafx-16
Block BlockCoin Op
Blue's JourneyCoin Op
Bomberman QuestGame Boy Color
Boogie WingsCoin Op
Bullet StormCoin Op
Capcom BaseballCoin Op
Capcom Sports ClubCoin Op
Carrier Air WingCoin Op
Challenge of the DragonNintendo
Charlie NinjaCoin Op
Check ManCoin Op
CivilizationSuper Nintendo
Cool Minigame CollectionCoin Op
DaiohCoin Op
Dead ConnectionCoin Op
Demon's CrestSuper Nintendo
DoDonPachiCoin Op
Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super WarriorsGame Boy Color
Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuuden Kakusei HenSuper Nintendo
Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya DensetsuSuper Nintendo
Dragon PowerNintendo
Dragon ViewSuper Nintendo
Dual Orb 2Super Nintendo
Dungeon MagicCoin Op
Dyger Coin Op
Eco FightersCoin Op
ExvaniaCoin Op
Fantastic Parodius! - Surpassing Its Former GloryCoin Op
Feda: The Emblem Of JusticeSuper Nintendo
Final Star Force Coin Op
Fire Emblem: Mystery Of The EmblemSuper Nintendo
Fire StrikerSuper Nintendo
Firepower 2000Super Nintendo
Front MissionSuper Nintendo
Fushigi no Umi Nadia: The Secret of Blue WaterNintendo
Ganpuru Gunmans ProofSuper Nintendo
Gee BeeCoin Op
GekirindanCoin Op
Gigas Mark 2Coin Op
Go Go AckmanSuper Nintendo
Go Go! Mile SmileCoin Op
Goalie GhostCoin Op
GoindolCoin Op
Gourmet Squadron BarayarouSuper Nintendo
Gradius 2: Gofer no YabouNintendo
Gratia: Second EarthCoin Op
Growl Coin Op
Gun MasterCoin Op
Gunforce 2 Coin Op
Hagane: The Final ConflictSuper Nintendo
Hal's Hole In One GolfSuper Nintendo
Hotdog StormCoin Op
HurricanesSuper Nintendo
Ikari No Yousai, BS Super Nintendo
ImperiumSuper Nintendo
Incredible Crash DummiesSuper Nintendo
Indiana Jones: Greatest AdventuresSuper Nintendo
Ironman Stewart's Super Off RoadCoin Op
Irritating MazeCoin Op
Jutei SenkiSuper Nintendo
King Of DemonsSuper Nintendo
Knights of the RoundCoin Op
Krion ConquestNintendo
Kyuukai Douchuuki Coin Op
Land Sea Air Squad / Riku Kai Kuu SaizensenCoin Op
Laplace's DemonSuper Nintendo
Legend of HeroesCoin Op
Legend Of The Mystical NinjaSuper Nintendo
Legend of ValkyrieCoin Op
Lethal WeaponSuper Nintendo
Little Master 3 Jewels Of The RainbowSuper Nintendo
Live A LiveSuper Nintendo
Lode Runner: Dig FightCoin Op
Magic Knight RayearthSuper Nintendo
Magic SwordSuper Nintendo
Magical Crystals Coin Op
Magical SpotCoin Op
Mahou Daisakusen Coin Op
Maze of Flott Coin Op
Mazinger ZCoin Op
Mega Twins Coin Op
Meikyu Jima Coin Op
Melfand StoriesSuper Nintendo
Meta FoxCoin Op
Metal SaverCoin Op
Mighty! PangCoin Op
Mirai Ninja Coin Op
Mobile Fighter: G GundamSuper Nintendo
Mobile Suit Gundam Final Shooting: Special in 0079Coin Op
Monster Farm Jump Coin Op
Mysterious Stones: Dr John's AdventureCoin Op
Mystery Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer Super Nintendo
Mystic Warriors: Ikari no NinjaCoin Op
NebulasrayCoin Op
Night SlashersCoin Op
Ninja CommandoCoin Op
Ninja SpiritCoin Op
Nobunaga's AmbitionGame Boy
NostradamusCoin Op
Numan Athletics Coin Op
Out To LunchSuper Nintendo
Out Zone Coin Op
Over HorizonNintendo
P47: The Phantom FighterCoin Op
Panic StreetCoin Op
Paradise 2 DeluxeCoin Op
Peggle Coin Op
PhalanxSuper Nintendo
Pinball Action Coin Op
PiratesCoin Op
Pirates Of Dark WaterSuper Nintendo
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureSuper Nintendo
Pocky And RockySuper Nintendo
POW: Prisoners of WarCoin Op
POW: Prisoners of WarNintendo
Pretty Soldier Sailor MoonCoin Op
Princess Clara's Big OperationCoin Op
PunisherCoin Op
R Type Leo Coin Op
Radical Dreamers, BS: Le Tresor InterditSuper Nintendo
RastanCoin Op
RecalhornCoin Op
Renegade 2Super Nintendo
River City Ransom 2Super Nintendo
Rocman XNintendo
Run SaberSuper Nintendo
RygarCoin Op
Saboten BombersCoin Op
Saint DragonCoin Op
Sanrio World Smash Ball!Super Nintendo
SAR: Search And RescueCoin Op
Scramble SpiritsCoin Op
Secret Of The StarsSuper Nintendo
Shadow ForceCoin Op
Shadow of the NinjaNintendo
ShadowlandCoin Op
ShadowrunSuper Nintendo
ShienryuCoin Op
Shin Megami TenseSuper Nintendo
Silent DragonCoin Op
Sky BlazerSuper Nintendo
Slap ShotCoin Op
Soldiers Of FortuneSuper Nintendo
Space MegaforceSuper Nintendo
SparksterSuper Nintendo
SparkzCoin Op
Speed SpinCoin Op
Stone Ball Coin Op
Street Fighter 2: Champion Edition Coin Op
Strike It!ColecoVision
Strikers 1945Coin Op
Summer GamesFlash
Sunset RidersCoin Op
Super Bob DylanAmiga
Super Mario Bros CrossoverFlash
Super Mario Bros: 1st AlternateNintendo
Super Mario Bros: The Lost LevelsNintendo
Superman, Death And Return OfSuper Nintendo
Taiyou no Yuusha FighbirdNintendo
Tales of PhantasiaSuper Nintendo
Tecmo Super Bowl: 2010 Retro Uprising RosterGenesis
Tekkaman BladeSuper Nintendo
TengaiCoin Op
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Coin Op
TerranigmaSuper Nintendo
Tetris Coin Op
Thunder & LightningCoin Op
Tinkle Pit Coin Op
ToffyCoin Op
Toki: Going Ape SpitGenesis
Top Hunter: Roddy and CathyCoin Op
Treasure Of RudrasSuper Nintendo
Tut's TombCoin Op
TutankhamCoin Op
Twin SquashCoin Op
Ultra Toukon Densetsu Coin Op
UN SquadronCoin Op
Undead LineGenesis
Uo Poko Coin Op
Vandyke Coin Op
ViewpointCoin Op
Violent StormCoin Op
VolfiedCoin Op
Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode 3Coin Op
Warriors of FateCoin Op
Wild GunsSuper Nintendo
Wit's Coin Op
Wizard FireCoin Op
World Court Coin Op
World Heroes Coin Op
Yie Ar Kung FuCoin Op
Zing Zing ZipCoin Op
Zunzunkyou No YabouCoin Op
joz's Other Scores
2Senior High School BaseballCoin Op

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