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    Darius Gaiden: Silver Hawk High Scores
Description The third in the "Darius" series; fly an ornate fighter craft, Silver Hawk. The craft is equipped with two attack weapons : Missile (forward-firing standard gun) and Bomb (drops from the bottom of the ship). The Silver Hawk is also equipped with the 'Arm' (armor); a green energy shield that can absorb enemy attacks without harm to the ship. Some enemies leave panels behind that can be collected to power-up your shots, missiles or shield.

The graphics and sound are superior to those of the previous Darius games, and the game employs a lot of impressive visual effects; for example, the Silver Hawk warps into a stage dramatically in the fourth-tier stages, and begins to burn on re-entry at the start of the sixth-tier stages.

The bosses are huge and far more complex than those of the previous games, each employing several attack patterns and explode with powerful warping and twisting effects upon their defeat.
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Top Scores
HAN is the champion of
Darius Gaiden: Silver Hawk
Highscore: 5,786,500
# Username Score Comment Time
1 HAN 5,786,500

10-09-17 23:18
2 Seahawk 2,822,200

06-02-10 18:38
3 fogelmir 1,429,410

09-04-10 2:48
4 Winnebagel 1,202,620

02-04-10 23:36
5 supernintendosp 873,250

08-15-12 17:56
6 joz 820,300

12-27-09 16:08
7 FudgyDRS 807,970

10-18-12 16:16
8 Teddy Loc 726,230

05-05-14 11:54
9 Davidizer13MK2 638,580

05-19-10 21:00
10 TwinChargers 312,060

04-08-14 15:47
11 CBearXLight 305,760

10-20-16 13:06
12 Sid seattle 181,370

04-16-17 22:32

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